Nov 9, 2009

Homeschool Pottery

Every Friday, I load Gabe and his booster into the car and head to Arts and Crafts where I teach a Pottery Class for Homeschoolers. (We have a lot of kids on base who Homeschool!!!)

I've been doing it for quite a few months now and the same old projects were getting a little boring for the repeat students. (And especially for me.)

So last month I decided to shake things up. On the regularly scheduled "pinch pot" day, instead of making plain little bowls, we combined two pinch pots and made Halloween Jack 'o Lanterns.
(As seen on "Art Projects for Kids"--one of my favorite blogs ever.)

I loved the results so much I brought my camera in to take some pics. Yes, I'm the only one excited about these pictures. Sorry. Pregnancy is making me a boring blogger. Anyway, here they are:

This month, we made Pinch Pot TURKEYS!!! I know! You're dying to see them! I'll be sure to post pictures when they're finished!!!


Linz said...

Those are so cute! What a fun idea!

Unknown said...

So cute! I still have one of your masterpieces...the brown vase with the leaves imprinted in it...Yes I do love you!! :)

smashingpumpkins (aka smashingwatermelons) said...

those look great. super idea to build on one skill to make a whole new synapse.
but .... what holds the two pinch pots together to make a bowl ? a puritan / pilgrim belt ?

Unknown said...

Thanks Emily,
I love your pumpkins, they are really, truly adorable. And I appreciate the link. I love how the internet links Studio City, CA to Japan. Too amazing!!

acte gratuit said...

smashingpumpkins: You must score (scratch/rough-up) the edges and apply water (ideally, slip) to both surfaces and then jiggle/press them together. Since the clay we used that day was a little soft, we also stuffed a wadded-up paper towel in each side to help them hold their shape. (It burns out in the kiln.)

Kathy: Thanks again!

PB, I don't even remember it. Hope it's not too ugly!

Anonymous said...

Those pumpkins look so cute! My name is Lisa, by the way. I came across your blog this evening, because I just created my own today, and your blog caught my attention because I used to live there in Misawa when I was little. I even remember being in that pottery room! (That is, if they haven't moved it since then), lol. Anyway, I look forward to reading more about you and your family, and your experiences there in Japan!