Sep 15, 2007



This afternoon my toes got cold...during the DAY!
Then, tonight I smelled cold in the air mingled with wood smoke and earthiness.

This tells me two things:
One, it's Fall.
Two, I ain't in Carlsbad anymore.

In other news...

our dryer broke. RIGHT before our trip just when I was trying to do all the laundry and get everyone packed.

So Doug found one on Craigslist and bought it today for $75. He dragged the old one out and the "new" one in. Only to find the "new" one has a three prong plug where our "old" one (which is actually much newer) has a four prong plug. So now we're home with lots of laundry to do and still no dryer. (Do you know how hard it is to find places to lay out 5,000 tiny boy socks and pairs of underware?)

And furthermore...

Doug and I got the first season of "Alias" on DVD from the library. What I want to know is, how come Sydney Bristow looks hot with hair every different style and color imaginable, and I can't even find one look that's passing?!? (Unless my friend Ginger is doing my hair and make-up...then I look S-E-X-Y!)
It's her lips, isn't it?


Linz said...

D'oh! I think you can get a replacment cord at home depot. We had that problem too! Just ask the appliance guy!

mama bear said...

Ooh, I'm cold too! I actually turned my heater on yesterday morning, and we had FROST last night!
Sorry about the dryer, that sucks. And yes, it is the lips.

DianeM said...

You can borrow our dryer if you want to!! Season 1 of Alias is one of my faves. Glad you're watching it.

acte gratuit said...

...or it could be her boobs...

Di, I'll be over with 12 loads of wet laundry tomorrow!

Jenn said...

you're getting cold??? too bad about the dryer--no fun! I've been through the whole Alias thing.... I think it's probably everything!

Mrs. Dub said...

you should try wearing more leather. also, try to get involved in espionage. it's very sexy.

(p.s. loOoved seeing you in carlsbad!)

Anonymous said...

wish I could've seen you both in Carlsbad. Or anywhere with an ocean. As for Sydney, I have big lips and sure as he.. don't look like her! Man it is not fair.

As for Fall - NOT YET, please. We need a few weeks of 70s - not snow in October.

Pinspot said...

Word to the wise:

ALIAS will break your heart.

This was the first show I ever watched religiously. The first two seasons are awesome, but the finale for season 2 totally jumped the shark. Season 3 had some redeeming qualities (I heart Sark,) season 4 got ridiculous, and season 5 was just a sloppy wrap up.

Of course I watched it religiously to the end, anyway.