Jul 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Bam!!!

Our little Bammy-Boy turned THREE on Tuesday. For the first time in the history of our kids, we didn't have a "friend party". It was just the family and Shelly. (Who is practically family, definitely our friend, but not a three-year-old.) I have to say, it was a lot less stressful and it didn't matter that I stayed in my p.j.'s for the whole entire day. From now on, our kids will only get a friend party every other year or so.

Now, for a little bit about Sweet Sammers

Dad: "What's your favorite animal?"
Sam: "Zebwa!"

Mom: "Sam, what's your favorite food?"
Max: "Is it Wice Kwispies?"

Max: "What's your favorite toy?"
Sam: "Yightening McQueen!"

Shelly: "Sam, what's your favorite color?"
Sam: "Dat one!" (points at Lightening McQueen)

About the cake: Sam wanted a Bob cake and I wanted to make a lake out of blue Jell-o. (Who doesn't like blue Jell-o?) So we compromised and WAH-LAH!!! We have Bob sitting in front of a pile of dirt in front of a lake! He loved it so we both won.


Jenn said...

What fun. I'm with you on the "friend" parties!! The cake looks great!!

stephanie said...

that cake is totally cool.

Adriane said...

Ooo that's awesome. How do you do that with the Jell-O?

Also no, Sam is not three and no, he can't talk. Sorry.

Mrs. Dub said...

friend parties? decorated cakes? crap, i don't know about this motherhood thing.

but happy belated b-day to sammers all the same! i swear we were gonna call!

Anonymous said...

great cake! Happy birthday Sammers!

Emily said...

The last bathtub pic was the best! He has a total melt-your-heart smile. And Em, you make me absolutely GREEN with envy with your cake decorating skills. G-R-E-E-N I tell you!

Happy late birthday Sammers!

Linz said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Cute cake!

Bartimaeus said...

Whenever he was asked a question he would first say: Uh, um, uh ,um (while rolling his eyes around with his head) uh, um, uh, um. Then say the answer. He was very cute and kept saying: Tank you so much Mommy!!!

Girls Galore said...

We've adopted Mom's every other year friend birthday party rule. It's fabulous. Odd years are family parties, even years they get a friend party AND a family party! Mom was a genius and I'm a genius for copying her! If only I would have gotten the cake decorating gene that you and Jenny got.

Anonymous said...

Can she build it? Of course Emmy can. Very cute. The snowman still reigns though!

Shelly said...

Hah! I took those pictures! (The tubby ones) You should put the "modesty bubbles" vid. up!