Jun 17, 2007

Ode to Doug

I wish I could write poetry. If I could, I'd write a really witty and clever "ode to Doug" for Father's Day. It would include stuff like this;

You'll shop for me at the store
And you hardly ever snore

You like to cook
Which is "off the hook" (I don't even know what that means)

You're a wonderful dad
Which is totally rad
I think our boys are so lucky to have a patient, thoughtful, spiritual man to be their example and teacher and friend
It's time for this poem to end

You know...something like that.

I love you Sweetie Pie!
Happy Father's Day!!!

P.S. Speaking of Doug, he's been working on a new blog header which I think is extremely cool so check out his new look.


Linz said...

Beautiful poem...=D

Mrs. Dub said...

your poem was tight
you can rhyme alright
and doug's not too bad
he's an impressive dad

Bartimaeus said...

Thanks Babe!!

Anonymous said...

Man I'm still trying to get over the fact that you didn't write the lyrics to the Cape Cod Sonnet. Compared to your supposed efforts there - it's hard to come back to reality. But since I love you and the Bug too - I commend the effort and the love.

mr. underhill said...

Two cmments: First, that is one pasty dad. Second, the part about the snoring is completely false. But I commend you on your ability to overlook that.