Jun 13, 2007

Cape Cod Report and Other Important Matters

As you may have gathered from the post below, we've just returned from a quick over-night trip to Cape Cod accompanied by my mom. It was very beautiful and very fun. We stayed in a room right on the beach and had a great time relaxing and taking in some of the sights. I even broke out my travel Watercolor set! (Which I always take on vacation and never before have had the chance to use.)

Unfortunately, the trip culminated with us dropping Faezer off at the airport in Boston where she took a flight to D.C. to visit my sister Jenny. (I'm trying not to begrudge her equal time, but it's hard...) All of us were very sad to see her go, but especially me. Having another mom in the house made my life so much easier.

In other sad news, my friend Jen (aka Fabulous Photographer Jen) just moved to Utah three weeks ahead of schedule. I'm really sad she's gone and sad we didn't get to see her one last time before she went. (And I'm sad she wont be around to take any more beautiful pics of my kids!) We'll miss you Jen and family!

Now for an update on the Dub boys:

Douglas came home from work tonight and fed the boys, mowed and edged the lawn, made cornbread with the boys, bathed the boys, and got the boys ready for bed. All while I went grocery shopping. From my perspective, I'd say Doug is doing well. REALLY well. Also, he's been blogging more lately which I think is fabulous.

Maxwell recently finished Pre-K and has the summer off. He's recently developed a love of painting and wants to spend his summer days creating colorful works of art, going on walks to the beach, and violently playing pirates. He really REALLY likes pirates, so if you're at all interested in sword fighting, please schedule a play date with Max.

Samuel is working hard at potty training...again.
He had it down pat until the arrival of his baby brother, and then decided he needed to mark his territory to remind us of his presence. (We hadn't forgotten.) He accepts bribes for good behavior in the form of "Cars" cars. He's collected quite a few. In fact, I don't know if they are helping or hindering his re-training. Hmm...

Gabriel is taking daily smiling lessons from Mommy and Max. This is where we both beam down at him while tickleing around his mouth and making silly cooing noises while asking "Where's your smile?" in baby talk. So far, all we managed to do is give him gas. Doug and I are also giving him "sleeping through the night" lessons which are equally effective.

Also, Gabriel is exactly 6 weeks old now! And you all know what that means...it means I can start EXERCISING. Not that I'm going too, but I COULD if I wanted! (All of you who thought I was referring to something else, get your minds out of the gutter.) ANYWAY, Gabe is such a sweet baby and he's only slightly spoiled from being held non-stop while Grandma Fae was here. We're all in love with him.

That's all the news I've got for you! But don't worry, if Gabe smiles or Sam goes on the potty without a reminder, YOU will be the first to know!



Bijoy said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Mrs. Dub said...

just make sure you safely exercise. some people i know who exercise even while nursing end up with a surprise baby.

who knew the treadmill had that effect?

i mean, the exercise bike i could understand.

Linz said...

SO much to respond to... I'm sorry your mom left! Where in Utah did Jen move? (fingers crossed). Auri loves sword fights too. Her cousin Adam asks to come to our house for any gun or sword playtime! Auri has obtained quite the princess polly pocket collection during her potty training. They seem to work, and taking them away when accidents occur works even better!

And yes, have fun exercising! And Mrs. Dub is right... exercise safely!

Foot Handle Pete said...

I'm sure that Dr. Dub is hoping that the you decide to start exercising soon. He wants you to be healthy and fit. :) FHP

Christina Call said...

You could get photography here in Utah if you visited more. You Loser!

DianeM said...

I love the picture of Sam...So good! Don't be jealous, I've been exercising since 3 weeks postpartum...and I had a 10 pounder. Or maybe that's why I actualle HAVE to exercise. I'm quite literally talking about running you dirty little scoundrels! Have you had your 6 week check-up yet? I joked to our doc about sterilization...I swear that women has no sense of humor. Although I'm only partially joking:)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Those are some seriously cute pictures.

Adriane said...

WAIT. Wait.


PIRATES. Oh man, I KNEW my babysitting Max would have an impact.