May 12, 2007

Quotes and Miscommunications

From the Hospital:

Sam upon first meeting his new brother: (with considerable confusion and consternation.)
"He not talking to me!!!"

Nurse Murray when I explained I'd tried five times to wake up Gabe to nurse him:
"You can lead a baby to boobie, but you can't make him eat!" (I really liked Nurse Murray...she seemed extremely wise!)

While at the hospital there was considerable talk of my "Johnny". Not being able to decifer the nurses STRONG Rhode Island accents most of the time anyway, I just ignored them when they said things like "I'll bring you a new Johnny." or "We need to change your Johnny." (Afterall, they were constantly bringing me stuff and changing other stuff at the same time.) It wasn't until I got home that Doug told me they call Hospital Gowns "Johnny's". Who knew???

And you probably also didn't know that to get to the food room you have to "bang a right".

Gotta love it here!


Andy said...

At least you had the good fortune of being able to ponder what is a Johnny while not being in the throws of the "transition" phaze of labor. I was told to change into one in triage about eleven seconds before beginning to push. And I said right out loud to the nurse, and everyone else listening..."Who the #$%% is Johnny? And can't he wait in the hall till the baby is born?"


Can't wait to meet new baby! Happy Mother's Day to the newest Mom in town.

Linz said...

Sammy is so cute!

Mrs. Dub said...

those nurses are so dang smart!

(about boobies, not so much johnnies.)

Shelly said...

"bang a right" ?! that's even better than "jimmies"!!

Shannon Davis said...

Hey Emily,

Your family and blog are beautiful! So happy to hear that you are loving your new home, and all your boys! Thanks for keeping in touch!

Shannon Davis

Sarah said...

It sounds more like Australian dialog than Rhode Island. Who knew? Most of my attendants at the hospital spoke English as a second language and after a few hours I just gave up trying to understand what they were saying and trusted that they knew what they were doing.

I'm glad you are home safe and sound.

Jenni said...

a johnny?? good gracious, what else will they come up with, these rhode islanders?? have you ever had a cabinet??

baby is beautiful!