Oct 13, 2006

My Husband

In an effort to expidite getting me out of bed this morning, my extremely intelligent, sensitive (but manly) husband came up with a brilliant idea this morning.

He nuked my sweats.

Yes, that's right.

I was complaining that it was too *bloody cold to get out of bed so being the problem solver that
he is, Dug grabbed a pair of my sweats and stuck them in the microwave. He then delivered them to my bed allowing me to get up with out going into hypothermic shock.

I should also mention that
he brings me cereal in bed almost every morning because I feel too pukey if I get up before eating. (I tried soda crackers but there is just something undesireable about putting nasty dry crackers into already nasty morning mouth.)

So, in other words, my
husband rocks!!! (Try to contain your jealousy.)

In other news, I went to my first OB appointment on Tuesday and got to hear BabyDub3's heart beat for the first time!!! Since I am still pretty early (then: 9 weeks, 5 days) it took her, the Doctor, quite awhile to find but she kept trying and I got to hear it along with Dug and my mom!!! It's always nice to know all the freakish symptoms and side affects aren't just imaginary.
My due date is May 10th!!! Hooray for BABY!!!

P.S. A small amount of thread in my sweats melted so be careful how long you microwave your clothes.

*Yes. I say "bloody". Since all the american swear words are off limits to me and Dug wont let me swear in German, I'm forced cuss like a Brit. Which really isn't cussing in my opinion. Because I'm not a Brit. Right? Right! Glad we all agree.


Anonymous said...

i'm all for foreign cussing. just ask my mr. dub. i like to drop the f-bomb in polish to get his attention. (try it - it works!)and no guilt for me because i can barely say the word, much less care about what it means.

Anonymous said...

Foreign cussing doesn't work in our home. Mr. Dubgreen went to L.A. So, you know what we do.

Anonymous said...

Ok, gratuitous hyperlinks to "his" blog are just...well gratuitous. Please, if hyperlinks are to be utilized mix it up a little bit. As for the microwave...I think that's how Uncle Buck dried the clothes due to the fact that he couldn't figure out how to use a DRYER! Look into it. Other than that carry on with the foreign cursing – it keeps people on their toes.

acte gratuit said...

Hey Underhill, I'm just trying to generate a little more traffic to his blog!

Emily said...

I love doug and all that he does for you but honestly...he's bringing my husband down. Who can compete with that? Microwaving your sweats? Tell DuggiePOO to tone it down a bit so the rest of us women don't feel bad about what we got.

Foot Handle Pete said...

I find that the stigma of profanity is more than I care to incure. therefore I have resolved to keep my language clean and pure in english and foregin tounges. However since my bias is the romantic italiano, I use hand gestures liberally. FHP

mama bear said...

Welllllllll, you know I'm all for swearing whether it's English or Foreign so I say curse as much as you bloody-well want to! And the kiddentist really does take the doting husband bit a little farther than any other man I've ever known - maybe he should be like a Tony Robbins guru for other hubbies!

Lindsay Dunn said...

What a sweet hubby!! And congrats on hearing the heartbeat! That is the greatest feeling! Hope you are feeling better!