Oct 22, 2006

Blogging Slump

Ever since Fae left (a week ago) I've lost my desire to blog. I mean, it was just so sad when she left. No more sleeping in, no more forcing her to watch Arrested Development, no more excuses to leave the state... JUST SAD!!!

But it's not like nothing has happened lately so I finally feel guilty enough to catch you, my loyal reader(s), up. (Sorry to dangle a preposition there, but sometimes it can't be helped of.)

First of all, to rub salt in the wound of my mom leaving, Dr.KidDentist started a new rotation. Now he get's to leave earlier and come home after the kids are in bed. (Usually around 9:30 p.m.) Yay! Can't you just feel my overwhelming happiness seeping through the monitor? Oh no...wait...that's depression. Never mind.

So yeah, there's the single mother thing...that pretty much covers the whole week until Friday evening. The one night Husband/Father got home at a normal time. We went out to dinner and then painted pumpkins while drinking hot chocolate at Max's request.

Which brings us to Saturday. We went to a birthday party. (A very spooky Halloween party with a Haunted House, ghost pinata, yummy treats and costumes! Everything a 2-6 year old could ask for. And did ask for.)

Which brings us to last night. Last night, we replaced our front door. Scratch the "we". Dob the Builder replaced our front door. This isn't the first time either. He replaced the front door of our first little house in Provo. This experience was only slightly less traumatic and labor intensive than the first time. It took many hours and allowed many mosquitos and moths to enter the house.

Amazingly, he was able to complete the Herculean task (pretty much single-handedly) and the new door looks freaking awesome. It will look even better when I paint it red and we repair all the holes now in the walls and replace the ripped off moulding.

But one thing at a time.

So that brings us up to today. Church is behind us, the kids are sleeping (if you consider Sam humming and pulling all the books of his shelf "sleeping"...which I do...) and we get to sit in our nice soft bed, under a huge pile of blankets, with the heater cranked, just staring out the window and sleeping.

Not at the same time, mind you. D's sleeping, I'm staring.

And frankly, I need to devote my full attention to it.

Until next time...


Lindsay Dunn said...

Good job on the new door! I hope this rotation ends soon and fun state to state travel and adventure returns soon!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dob is always ruining the fun. The only way some of us see the east coast is through your eyes. So, pack it up and get moving. "You do, you do and then you just don't!" Aunt V-ann. Now Ms. M - please pray.

Foot Handle Pete said...

I don't think that there should be guilt associated with blogging. one should be able to blog or not to blog, that is the privilage. one should not give one a hard time if a blog is long in comming. one should just be happy to blog and read blog. (blog is a dumb word). so you blog when you feel moved and we will just be glad when you move. FHP

mama bear said...

yeah, what he said! and you know, all you have to do is drive a little farther and you can see the great state of Michigan, have good company, home cooked meals that you don't lift a finger for, and as many naps as you want! We could even go to Ohio or Illinois! And did I mention I would entertain your kids?!?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. You didn't have to hang a black tarp from the door way this time??!! I hope the door is as amazing as the Provo one...we enjoyed it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just repaying the favor of you dropping by my blog (darbydarnit.blogspot.com) and commenting. Thanks for the note. I responded with a comment under yours. It looks like you find blogging to be as cathartic, inspiring, thought provoking and fulfilling as I do. Congrats on the move and the family. Looks like you have lots to write about. Cheers - petri