Jun 29, 2006

We're HERE

And by "here" of course, I mean Manhattan!!!

Okay, I've been without Internet access for awhile so I need to back up a little.

A week ago Monday we left San Francisco and crossed the country to arrive in Rhode Island. We went straight to our new home where we found the electricity hadn't been turned on and the floor was covered in cat hair.

So we left and went straight to Wal-mart for Swiffer accessories. Never before have I so loved and appreciated Swiffers! (Do you think they'll want to give me some coupons or something for saying that?) After clearing a swathe on the floor for the air mattresses we all went to bed in a very hot house. (No A/C yet.)

The next day, sunlight revealed the full extent of the cat hair. (Hey cat owners, have you cleaned under your appliances lately? --->)

I'm going to save my anti-cat/anti-hair/anti-cat hair diatribe for later. Suffice it to say, we called a bunch of cleaning services until we found one that could send a crew over immediately. Four girls and four hours later (at $36 an hour per girl...you do the math) we came back to a much more livable and clean smelling home.

Wednesday instead of cleaning or painting, we found the local library and got cards for all four of us and a huge pile of books. (I got lots on New England architecture, antiques, and decorating.)

Thursday the truck came and we started unloading. (Whoops...maybe we should have bubble wrappped the WHOLE scanner.)

Friday one of *DoctorCaptain's fellow residents showed up with a friend to finish unloading the big stuff. At last, we had all our crap moved in, the electricity on, most of the blasted cat hair removed, and things getting slightly organized. I hope we got something done on Saturday but I don't really remember so we'll skip right to Sunday which is when I took DoctorCaptain to the bus station. Yes, that's right. With a home still very much in chaos and no friends or family around me, my "help meet" deserted me and went to New York for orientation.

Which brings me to today. (I should describe the last week, but it's getting late.) This morning (Thursday) I got up, packed the car, strapped in the kids, and hopped on the 95 South and headed for New York City. I drove a total of about 160 miles and it only took 8 HOURS!!! Yes, that's right. I stopped a few times the first two hours and made it to New York. That is where, with only 20 or so miles left, the traffic stopped moving. I then proceeded to go a total of ten miles in 2 hours. I only wish I were joking. This is apparently why people take public transportation in the city.

Anyway, I made it with my sanity (just barely) intact (at least as much as it was before) and I'm in New York City for the first time in my life, and so far I love it. (I'm willing to give it a chance at being a cool city even if it was hellish getting here.) Tonight the boys and I walked over to Lincoln Center, saw the BEAUTIFUL L.D.S. temple, and ate dinner at "Ollie's Noodle Shop and Grille" across the street.

So far, that's been my New York experience. Tomorrow, we're on our own for the morning while DocCap learns how to wash his hands throughly. (Or something really important and doctorly like that) I'm going to try to get mugged so I'll feel like I've achieved the whole NYC experience but we'll see how it goes.

Wish me luck!

*My revered spouse actually is a Doctor and a Captain now, and can't seem to figure out why I wont salute him when he walks into the room.


Mrs. Dub said...

you really should salute him EVERY time he walks into the room. it's only proper.

Anonymous said...

To me, NYC is the happiest place on Earth. Every minute I spend there I think, "I wish I lived here!" Now I'm thinking I wish I was with you to explore it all! Have you been to the MoMA? It's one of the most amazing buildings I've ever been inside! Plus, every piece of art is compelling and intriguing, even if it does disgust you. Skip the Mapplethorpe gallery if you don't like homoerotic male nudity, which, according to your beach entry, you don't. Also, find an H&M!!! There is one very close to the empire state building.

Anonymous said...

I said MoMA, I meant the Guggenheim!

Adriane said...

Dude. NYC. The city we in San Francisco fear.

Ok, not really. What makes Doug a Captain all of a sudden?

acte gratuit said...

Hey gained Captain status simply by graduating from Dental School. Doesn't deserve a salute for that quite yet.