Jun 6, 2006

Memorial Day at Baker Beach - 2006

I don't mean to brag* but can you believe how stunningly adorable my children are??? Both boys love playing at the beach even if the water is somewhere near freezing and they have to wear sweatshirts because of the breeze!

This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's clean, generally uncrowded, and surrounded by some of the most awesome scenery I've ever seen.

{[Side Bar for future visitors: Baker Beach does have one down-side. If you walk to the end of the point, towards the bridge, you'll find a popular nude beach inhabited mostly by ugly (so I've heard) gay men** who, not coincidentely, also happen to be nude. Luckily, they tend to stay contained and out of sight.]}

* I do mean to brag.
**It's not that I personally have any problem with nude/ugly/gay/men aside from the nude/gay part. Men, even ugly men, are generally okay...)

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