Jul 20, 2016

Surviving the Summer

How do you get through the summer with five boys at home. Well, you try hard to entertain and motivate them, and when that doesn't work, you try to bribe and bully them. When THAT doesn't work, you throw a huge fit, yell at everyone, stomp around, and knock over a cup.

And then the next day you start all over again.

Lately, I've been adding "List Making" to my coping strategies. I sit down and type up a little bit of brilliance using aesthetically pleasing fonts, and bright colors. Then I print it out and put it in a sheet protector. Then I hang it on the wall with some colorful washi tape.

I've made a list of things to do when you're bored called the "I'm Bored" list.
A customized list of "Things to Accomplish" for each child every day.
A list of "Family Technology Rules".
A chore chart.
A family mission statement.
A detailed description of exactly HOW to take care of all the chickens.

For your information...
Nothing works.
They are still driving me crazy.
Back to square one.
See you tomorrow.

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