Apr 18, 2013

Stuff Happens

Ya know how I said I was going to be better about updating my blog and then I proceeded to not post for months?  Well...
Stuff happens.
Like unplanned pregnancy.
And then, ya know, the inevitable puking and sleeping, and yaking and more sleeping and crankiness and ralphing...

(I think I've made my point about the throwing-up, yes?)

Now, I don't want to give a wrong impression.  It's not that we didn't want another kid.  We did.
We do.
It's just that...we were trying to decide if we should just roll the dice and try again, (not my first or second or third choice) do in-vitro fertilization with sex selection to guarantee a girl, or adopt a girl.  We had just decided we needed to really start to pray about it and figure out what to do.
That was Tuesday.
Wednesday I got suspicious of my "stomach flu" and took a pregnancy test.
It wasn't stomach flu.

The test registered positive before I'd even set the thing down on the counter to wait the two minute wait time.

So we're pregnant.  And it's probably going to be a boy.
But we're okay with that.
Because obviously, we make super cute little boys.
But still.  Five boys.  Woah.
Pray for me.


Post Edit:
It IS a boy!


Post Script:
We're currently in the market to adopt a baby girl due around October 1 that would be raised as a twin to a baby boy and have four older brothers.
Seriously people.  Help a girl out!!!

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Beeswax said...

oh boy! :) I'm so very sorry about all the puking. It is the worst. And then your Mom. And now potential adoption? So much stress! You should just put this boy in a dress and headband. He'll be darling.