Sep 20, 2012

Pondering the Destruction of Blogs by Pinterest

Blogging is on its way out.  Have you noticed?  People who have been blogging for years have given up their blogs because, well...because no one is reading anymore.  Or because they can record/express/share the same thoughts more quickly and efficiently via Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook.  (All of which I love and usually check daily.  On my phone.)

Even my blog has taken a drastic downward turn since we moved here because...
1.  I started homeschooling.
2.  Last year sorta sucked what with starting a bleeping dental practice and all.
3.  I got an i-Phone --which allows me to do computer stuff without actually sitting down at the computer--but it is not conducive to blogging.
(At least not to a texting novice like me who was cell-phone-less for 3 years in Japan and therefore has poor thumb-muscle-tone.)
4.  And did I mention Pinterest?  Why blog when there is soooo much to be discovered on Pinterest!?!?!?  Recipes!  Dream Home Ideas!  Cool Tatoo Ideas! Super Cute Pictures of Baby Animals!!!! 

So yeah.  Where does that leave us?  With fewer blogs.

But then the other day I had an epiphany.  We were in church discussing...
Don't remember.  My mind was probably wandering.  But all of the sudden I realized that blogging is a totally worthy and worthwhile Sunday activity!!!  (Actually, I'm sure I've had this thought it wasn't much of an epiphany as epiphanies go.)  (Epiphanies?  Epiphany's?  Epiphani?)

Which led me to my next thought that, unlike so many of my other on-line activities, blogging (at least WRITING a blog post) is never, ever a waste of time.  (Even on non-Sunday's.)

I never, ever look back at my blog posts and think "Gee, I wish I hadn't taken the 20 minutes to write that.  However I OFTEN think "Gee, I wish I hadn't wasted my time watching/reading/staring-at that."

--->Afterall, I don't write in a journal except on very rare occasions.
--->I gave up Scrapbooking when Max was big enough to climb up on top of the table and destroy hours of effort.  (He was about 16 months old.)
--->Nowadays, I don't even write on a physical calendar (which I used to do religiously noting every activity our family ever did).  Now I just put everything on my phone.

Therefore, if I ever hope to have any record or memory of my life, for myself or for my kids, it will come from my blog.  This stupid blog.

And therefore, I can't give it up.  And now that three of my kids are back in school, I'm going to try to do it more.  And I'm not going to be sad that few people read and even fewer comment.  Because that's not the point.  (Even though I really, really, really like comments.)

So I'm back.
And recommitted.

I'm going to imagine all three of you cheering now.

Thanks for that.  See you again soon!


DianeM said...

I feel the same way, but I mostly blame facebook. I have my blog printed every year so I have an actual hard copy of my online "journal" because that is the only journal I keep. I will always be your loyal reader but I'm super lazy about commenting. Keep up the good work, I need your humor in my life!

The Turnbulls said...

I've noticed that comments on blog posts are super rare. Hmm whatever. It makes me feel like no one is reading it so I can write whatever I want haha I too treat it like a journal now because Elise told me about how she prints hers every year and BAM! you have a journal. Pretty cool. One of these times I'm back in town you'll have to give a tutorial on how to browse pinterest. Every time I search something I only get like 3 pictures. I'm doing something wrong.

Linz said...

Bravo! I'm back too!

acte gratuit said...

I printed a blog book for the first year of my blog but haven't done it again since. But I need to. I have a cousin who prints one copy for each of her (four) sons each year and gives it to them for Christmas. I love that idea, buuuuttt...not quite there yet. (She also writes a lot more about their activities than I do...I mostly just mock my boys on here.)
Oh well.
Maybe next year!

acte gratuit said...

Oh, and thanks for the comments!!!
And Heather, I will happily give you a tutorial any time! And YOUR blog is making me want to pack up and move to Mexico!!!

Christephi said...

I'm a lurker on your blog! I enjoy (very much!) reading what you write, but I rarely get time to actually comment. Even my reading gets interrupted 37 times before I get through a post -- the kids. They can't seem to do anything for more than 5 minutes without "needing" me for something. Please tell me they'll grow out of it eventually! (They are nearly 3 and 6).

Ashley said...

I'm a closeted reader on Google Reader but I love your blog! I love all your thoughts on homeschooling (I've contemplated it but could never do it past preschool...which is indeed what I do and I love it!) and life. So keep up the good work and I'll try to be better at commenting...even though we don't know each other!

-ashley...from Logan, Utah

MandiScandal said...

hooray! i love your blog! xo

Melissa Abby said...

I hope you always blog :) Mine is the only place I record everything we do...I don't really care if anyone reads it anymore. I still read a lot of blogs but usually on google reader so I hardly ever comment, unless there is a giveaway, ha!!

Polliwog said...

I'm still reading! And usually not commenting. I know what you mean, but I'm not ready to give up my blog either. I like it as a writing outlet on the rare occasion I have something I feel like writing about. And that's not really journaling, but who cares? I think it will be just as interesting for my kids to read how I thought/felt about some random topic one day and be able to get a vague idea of the person I was. :) Keep writing! You're good at it. :)

seashmore said...

Recent follower, first time commenter.

I find your blog rather witty and will keep it in my blog roll because I'm a hoarder like that.

Lyana said...

I am totally cheering!!!

Grandma Honey said...

To me, blogs is where it's still at. Keep's obvious more are reading yours than you realize.

Susan Rozier said...

Don't ever stop blogging Em. I may not comment, but I read your blogs religiously! You are my modern day Erma Bombeck. (Are you old enough to remember her?) You are priceless. Because I'm so old, this comment counts as 73 comments so this should add to your happiness! Love, Aunt Sue

ryanandginger said...

I love reading your blog, Emily. I have 6 years of my blog printed in hard back and my kids read them all the time, over and over again. We keep them in the living room and our guests read them too. I highly suggest that.

Our Family said...

I've gotten really lazy with mine, too (like, I just posted but it had been since January). But I blame the move this year--and homeschooling. I'm going to blame most of my failings from last year on homeschooling :)
But I'm going to try to post on mine regularly, too--except my blog is just for friends and family to see photos of what we're doing, yours is to actually read and be entertained by. So I'm glad you're going to write your blog! --Erin

mountainmama said...

YEEHAW!!! I am cheering.

Lucy said...