Feb 17, 2008

Important Stuff

First, I'm going to start out by saying that Doug's blog output is putting mine to shame. He's done practically a post per day since we got home from Florida*. Of course, my blog will always be, like, a thousand times better, but that's neither here nor there. Oh, and did I mention he tried to tarnish my sorta-good name by making me seem cold and heartless? Well he did. On February 15th, to be precise. (That quote was taken totally out of context, by-the-way.)

B. All three of my kids have been sick for the last week. It started with Sammy getting a fever on the plane ride home. It's been downhill ever since. High Fevers, (104) coughs, congestion, puke and snot, missed sleep, excessive whining and tears. It's been a slightly he!!ish week. I blame the germy little cousins we saw in Florida**. All of them.

Next: In preparation for listing our house on the market, we're sprucing things up around here a bit. While we were out of town, we had our hard wood floors refinished. Yesterday Doug started the process of replacing the kitchen counter tops. Tomorrow, I'll be painting trim all day. It's loads of fun, but we can't do it all ourselves.
That why I'd like to share this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with you!!! If you're a professional home "stager" or decorator, you're cordially invited (for a limited time) for a
FREE, week long visit to the beautiful New England seashore!!!*** Room and Board will be provided, as well as Minivan usage and Professional Tour Guidance. All in exchange for a small smackeral of decorating advice and assistance.
Act NOW! This offer wont last!!!

Fourthly; Here at the Dub house, we have a *general/flexible* "No T.V. except for Sunday Shows on Sunday" rule. Doug thinks 'Nature Shows' are the exception. I think Nature Shows are ALL about s.e.x and violence and that Cooking Shows, Home Decorating Shows, Hallmark Channel Movies, Fox News and Musicals should be the exception. What do you think?

That's all for now. If I think of any more important stuff, you'll be the first to know.

*I made "Florida" orange to make you think of Florida Orange Juice. See how clever and subtle I am?
**I didn't change the color of this "Florida" because you're supposed to be focused solely on my miserable life right now. Not your beverage preferences. You're so selfish.
***No purchase necessary. Airfair, travel expenses, liquor costs, Valium, ear-plugs, and spending money not included. Professional Tour Guide is not actually a Professional. Must be 16 years or older, non-creepy, willing to also babysit while you're here, (just for an evening!?!) and a U.S. citizen to qualify. Actual decorating expertise not all that important.


Carrie said...

I HAD to comment, although I'm a total stranger, about the whole TV on Sunday thing.

My dad is EXACTLY like your husband. We were ONLY allowed to watch nature shows... boring, and at times scary and at other times totally gross.

I'm totally with you. Musicals, Hallmark channel movies, the occasional family disney movie all appropriate. The theme song from Nova is forever etched in my memory thanks to Dad's Sunday TV choices.

Melissa Abby said...

Hey Emily! Yes, I did start a blog...it's kind of fun :) I love seeing pics of your cute boys! Hope you guys are having a good day off!!

Linz said...

I want to come back!!! Raise hand***

Sorry your kids are sick! No fun!! Good luck decorating!

Matt said...

This blog entry makes me think you are high on something.

We love you and are here for you.

That's all.

acte gratuit said...

You are NOT here for me. You're in DENVER for me! And that does me absolutely NO GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

Steph and I are on the way... Oh, that was a dream I was having the other night. We want to come. However, we are very expensive "decorators". Well, one of us likes to decorate stuff and the other is an actual ASIDA (American Society of Interior Designers Association) or some other fake name) regional president. I have lots of ideas and am very verbal with them. She on the other hand stands very quietly and phrases her suggestions so subtly that you are not sure if it was her idea or yours. Now, we just need 1st class tickets and a room on Martha's and we'll be right there.

Matt said...

If you want Broncos or Rockies tickets it does you some good......

Jessica said...

Ok, first of all I have to say that I love reading your blog. So sorry your kids have been sick, that is the worst:-( Andy and I have had the Sunday TV discussion too. We go from NO tv on Sunday, to only church(byu channel) shows, to "I really want to watch this golf tournament or basketball game"(that would be Andy saying that). Anyways, good luck with putting your house on the market. Do you know were you are moving too? Andy wants me to tell you to say HI to Doug for him:-) Take Care!!

Shelly said...

16 or older? You're kidding right?

acte gratuit said...

You're the exception.
You and all my neices.