Nov 30, 2008

NABLOPOMO is ALMOST OVER! & Here's your chance to PICK A WINNER!!!

This is my last lame entry!  SOOOO to celebrate, I will be giving away the LAST THREE "AMERICA AT HOME" BOOKS!!!!

If you haven't entered, you have one last chance.  If you don't want to enter, maybe you want to help PICK A WINNER!  (Get your finger out of your nose.  Gross.)

Go to Gratuitous Reviews now and vote for your favorite of 12 Custom Covers!!!

P.S.  Doug says he's finished his (probably highly inaccurate) version of our Dating History but wants me to review and edit it--(as if I WOULDN'T)--so it'll probably be here tomorrow.  

I'd work on it tonight, but after the events of last night, my bum is too sore.  

So I'm goin' to bed.

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